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Raves from past and most recent ebay buyers ,or others, who purchased one of my Reborn Dolls

"Your welcome, it means alot to me she looked just like her pictures.She so darling, you did a very good jod. Thanks And God Bless."



"omg! She is so beautiful and I love the basket and accessories. Thank you"   



"Just precious,a beautiful piece of work by this talented person. Thanks!!AA+"



"Baby unbelievably real looking and transation very good, fast delivery"




PA133065.jpg picture by itemsinebay "April"

Dear christines_2008_reborns,

Hi, sorry I wasn't able to give you an email out as soon as I saw your gorgeous lil April you allowed to come home to my Mom. My mom was crazy when it arrived, I wasn't able to get over there that night as she wanted to wait to open it when I was there so I would get the whole effect on the other end of it BUT she put her back exactly as arrived before I got there, just a few things I wanted to share with you, she was packed FABULOUSLY! Her presentation visually upon opening her up was extraordinary!! I loved it and it was so exciting to get her out, now on her herself...You did a GORGEOUS job on this lil one! I loved the rooting/hair cut/painting of additional effects of hair, her skin colors are gorgeous and extremely realistic, her finishing was impeccable! You are truly a gifted artist and your love for the art of reborning is EASILY seen in your work!!! My mom and I Absolutly ADORE her, thanks so much for adding that joy into our life! :) Keep up the great work!


 P4221404_0039_039.jpg picture by itemsinebay

      Customer from France who bought Reborn Ronnie "Aubrey" (pic above)                                                            

"splendide reborn merveilleuse je recommande vivement cet ebayeur pour son talent"


crop2.jpg picture by itemsinebay


Customer in the United States who bought reborn Teagan "Sean" :