Christines Keepsake Babies

Tasha Edenholm "Ember" ,now Reborn Girl


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 Here is one of my  lifelike Reborn Dolls I have made. She has very wispy soft dark brown rooted hair. She is very pose-able and cuddly !                                                                      

                                                       P2194387-1.jpg picture by gregsmyman


                                                               P2194390-1-1.jpg picture by gregsmyman

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                        -28sleepingbaby1-25-20995-18-50P-1.jpg picture by gregsmyman

Details at a glance :

Hand painted with Non Toxic Genesis colors. Permenent and non fading. Will not bruise doll over time ,like other types of paints. Veining ,capillaries, slight mottling of skin and a healthy color . Matt Varnish finish to prevent Shine . Nails manicured to give a first clipped apearance.

3/4 arms and full legs

Doe Suede  Flesh colored Body, weighted with Plastic Poly pellets and Soft poly fil.  NO organic materials used. NO Sand is ever used in my reborn dolls.

Comes with :

Personalized Adoption Certificate with her photo, Care Sheet, Magnetic Paci * Not safe around those with pace makers, or electronics, etc.. * Can be removed at buyers request , blanket , dress ,bloomers and matching headband ,and wearing frilly white socks. Brush and comb set with hair conditioning spray .

Premium " Pitter patter " Mohair used to root this baby.

Directionaly Ultra Micro Rooted hair, one strand at a time. ONly 1-2 strands per follical (most are just 1 strand) ! Amazingly perfect crown swirl in the back of the head .