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HUGE LOT of Animorphs Books !


This is a HUGE LOT of Animorphs Books . Great science fiction books for young kids or pre-teens . 3rd -6th grade depending on their reading level. My son is in 6th grade and he loved these books in 3-5th grades( he was a advanced reader).  These will be good for a child in grades 4-7 ,I even read a bunch myself, they were so fun too read LOL .

We just bought a enitre collection ,so I am selling these as they are now extras.


Author : K.A. Applegate

There are 54 in the series books , plus an extra 4 ("Megamorphs" ) that go in between the 54,plus several other bonus books.


What *I* have in this Lot  for sale :

Books 1-40 , 43,52 ,Megamorphs #3 , and "Animorphs the first journey"  that is a total of 44 books .


All you need to complete your collection ,after buying these will be #s :


41,42,44,45,46,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54 , Megamorphs#1,Megamorphs #2, Megamorphs #4 , "Meet the Stars of Anomorphs" , "The Andalite Chronicles" ,  "the Hork-Bajir chronicles , and "Visser"  . You can find these other books on ebay.

Books 1-54 can go for up to $200.00 on ebay ! I am offering ours for a good deal.

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